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McKinn International represents many internationally reputable chemical producers in the marketing and distribution of their products in this region and mainly on exclusive basis.


McKinn International has built up very broad customer and supplier base worldwide and enjoyed very good rapports and relationship with the customers and suppliers. With vast experience and knowledge about China, we specialize in the sourcing and distribution of specialty chemicals from this colossal country for the global markets.

Our Products Categories :

      • Acid & Anhydrides
      • Additives & Raw Materials for Plastics
      • Agrochemicals
      • Flame Retardants
      • Oleochemicals
      • Personal Care Products
      • Plasticizers
      • Raw Materials for Adhesives, Coating, UPR, PU & TPU
      • Rubber Additives
      • Solvents
      • Water-Base Acrylic Resin


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